A Rose by any other name..

The beauty of working digitally is that you have an infinite capacity to revisit, and revise, and generally otherwise extend the life of an image - a little like Frankie Goes to Hollywood endlessly releasing remixes of 'Two Tribes' or 'Relax' back in the 80's. Well i hope this is not quite as boring as that.. 

So this has me thinking.. A recent image - a beautiful Darcey Bussell Rose from my balcony has provided me with just such an opportunity. The original 'released' image appeared below, complete with background which on reflection i didn't think did the rose any favours: 

 Darcey Bussell Rose V.1

Darcey Bussell Rose V.1

... So i painted out the background layer and tidied up some of the underlying drawing layer, and i think it works a whole lot better: 

Rose without Background.jpg

You may disagree - what do you think? better with or without the background....? K