A new suite of digital paintings: 'Before deadheading'

Here is my latest set of digital paintings. I have entitled them 'Before deadheading'. Three original images and two variants, experimenting with varied background underpainting and tinting. They are all drawn from life, in blazing sunshine, in my folks garden in Chester last weekend.

All Roses, once full of life, but now on the wain, but still with vibrant colour metamorphosing into new forms, before being pruned back to allow for new growth. A metaphor for new political times? or just a bunch of flowers... As ever if you can share them to your friends and networks I would be grateful. K

Before deadheading 1

Before deadheading 2

Before deadheading 3

Before deadheading 3 (reduced underpainting)

Before deadheading 3 (Black and White with Tint)