Super new prints for sale

I have uploaded new pictures in my online store for sale - please take a look - including new uploads of some of the pictures from my 357 Picture a Day Challenge. All digital prints are printed on high quality German etching paper - below is a detail of Magnolia's, showing the superb colour reproduction and the quality of paper used. They really are very good reproductions. 

Magnolia for blog.jpg

Check out the store here. 

365 Degree Challenge

hi all, back in December 2017 i set myself a mad challenge of making and posting a picture a day online, as if i was not busy already.... 

Well I am now on day 66 and i have just uploaded the new work with the selection below giving a taste of the variety of subjects and techniques i have been experimenting with. Really enjoying the challenge, a struggle at times, but really got me fired up. Most of the work is digital as i explore more how to paint and draw digitally, but there are some good old fashioned analogue sketchbook pics in the mix too.

Have a look at the 365 challenge page: 365 and let me know what you think. 

I will add some images to my shop soon, so you can buy an individual image as a digital print for £20.00 plus P and P. 

A redesign of my website

i have lately been working on a new redesign of this site and here it is. I think it shows the work in a better way. I have also added new images of paintings that have been rephotographed and added a section on my 365 challenge to post a painting a day online for a whole year. It is the end of the first month - and you can see all the images here. I hope you enjoy looking around the new design. Here is an image recently photographed and uploaded: 'Noon' - Acrylic on Canvas

Painting on Canvas: Lone Tree Mayow Park, Sydenham 2017

A lone tree in Mayow Park, Sydenham. Acrylic painting on canvas, only my second non digital artwork this year, but the start of a string of paintings on canvas. Standing bright in the Sun, framed by the dark trees behind. This is a tree i have returned to again and again and painted and drawn before via my ipad, and which figures here in the Paintings 2017 pages.  As always if you like this, please share. Kx

Lone Tree, Mayow Park. Acrylic on Canvas 12in x 8 in

A new suite of digital paintings: 'Before deadheading'

Here is my latest set of digital paintings. I have entitled them 'Before deadheading'. Three original images and two variants, experimenting with varied background underpainting and tinting. They are all drawn from life, in blazing sunshine, in my folks garden in Chester last weekend.

All Roses, once full of life, but now on the wain, but still with vibrant colour metamorphosing into new forms, before being pruned back to allow for new growth. A metaphor for new political times? or just a bunch of flowers... As ever if you can share them to your friends and networks I would be grateful. K

Before deadheading 1

Before deadheading 2

Before deadheading 3

Before deadheading 3 (reduced underpainting)

Before deadheading 3 (Black and White with Tint)

A new painting - Cafe 2017

Here is my first acrylic on paper painting of 2017, after several months of working digitally. it is taken from a digital painted photograph of a group of people sitting in a cafe in London. This is a detail from the larger image which sits here: 'Life of the Mind'

This is a fairly detailed study on paper. I am weighing up whether to paint a slightly larger version on canvas over the summer. It was a great way to experiment with layers of glazes over underpainting. I have included some details also. As ever if you like it, can you share, thank you K

 Figures in a Cafe 2017 (50cm x 50cm)

Figures in a Cafe 2017 (50cm x 50cm)

 Detail Cafe 2017

Detail Cafe 2017

 Detail Cafe 2017

Detail Cafe 2017

New Digital Paintings added

I have uploaded two new digital paintings to the site inside the 2017 section. Small quiet moments amidst the noise and chaos we often feel around us. As always if you can please share. thank you K

A re-ordered website and a new Digital painting.

i have spent some time reorganising my website recently, reflecting the 4 years of work since i began to paint seriously again in May 2013. So here it is - re-ordered by year rather than by the previous series.

It is interesting to see the road travelled, (not always a straight line), since 2013.  It's a double edged sword to look back, to reflect:  on the one hand, inspiring to see the work grow year by year, but also frustrating to see the detours and cul-de-sacs ... is there consistency? a voice developing? to me it feels like a constant restless search: for a subject. From geometric abstracts, to messy organic 'text paintings' to portraits looking at identity and performance, to recent ipad studies; there are what seems wild diversions of style: but always constant experimentation over the past 4 years. There is no conclusion really, the journey continues, but by doing this I feel I can see some progress in the work and my attitude to it, not least my desire to get this work out and viewed more publicly. 

As always, please share if you can, and let me know what you think. If you take the time i hope you enjoy this small trawl through the past 4 years.

I will sign off with a new digital painting, from a manipulated photograph;  over-painted and combined with another photo. a technique i am continuing to explore. K 

National Gallery



My online shop is now live.. come inside..

I am pleased to say that my new online store is now live... just in time for those last minute xmas presents! You can browse an initial selection of digital paintings via the 'Shop' tab on my site. Each image is printed on heavyweight Archival fine art paper and signed and numbered in editions of 50. I am not offering a framing option just yet. All prints come as A4 size (29cm x 21cm). 

Below is the latest image - Sunset over Sydenham. Hope you enjoy looking around, and consider purchasing. Please share the good news as widely as you can. 

Sunset, Sydenham London 2016

New Paintings: September - November 2016

I have been working on new paintings on canvas these past few weeks. I find I am slowing down, taking longer, but that is not a bad thing. The pictures when they do come are, in the main, more satisfying. The visual solutions often come from accidents, erasures, overpainting - as much organic as anything preconceived. I find right now, when i do come to a conclusion i work quickly, but the images might hang around in the studio for a few weeks while i figure out what they are about. I have added these 6 new paintings in this series

Below are just 2 examples. 

Swept Away

All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

London Drawings

Two more drawings completed recently using Procreate and the Apple Pencil. A superb, flexible set of tools. I did these quickly, took me no more than 40 minutes I think. Quick sketches snatched between other things. These are small, quiet moments in a big city. 

Buddha. Garden Seat. Peg bag

Armchair. Shoes. Box of Letters

Mythic City Pt 1: London

I have started to work on my Ipad, and recently completed a 'drawing' of Trafalgar Square at Dusk. I stood in the square for about 90 minutes 'sketching' the fountain and various crowds as the light fell. As i walked through London on a grey evening I wondered what could inspire me, then lo and behold the curve of the fountain, the towering cut off view of Nelson's Column, and the gradual coming on of the lights held me spellbound. The first of what i suspect will be a series of London paintings, to accompany a new section on Berlin

Trafalgar Square, London, dusk 2016

A family portrait (interior)

A new digital painting from the world of 'The Last Pope' - aka Gydig. Also an interesting new addition to working methods - inputing real photographed elements (in this case a photo of a carpet) into the worked image. Haven't quite nailed it yet i feel, but a good beginning, and it opens up a lot of possibilities for future images. K

Family portrait (interior, Gyidig)

A family outing by the sea..

This is another new digital painting i have been working on. A more refined 'finished' version of a previous posting. With some of these paintings i am also heading them with a 'Gydig' label as i see them as part of the Gydig 'world' i am working on. I am sure some of these characters will reappear sometime during the life of the comic strip. I am also considering returning to the original title of the strip - The Last Pope. Has a better ring to it i think. And as a title it has never really left my head, so that's often a good indicator of something worth sticking with. Another image coming along later this week. K

Family Outing by the Sea 2016

2 New Digital Paintings

I am sharing two new digital paintings today that i have been working on - away from analogue painting; a different way of working, but using similar imagery. Mainly composed in photoshop, but taken from scanned in drawings. I am interested in the infinite possibilities to be able to 'remix' and re-version these pictures, making multiple copies and editions, from one single drawing. Both featuring characters and subjects from 'Gydig' - my new cartoon idea.

Family by the Sea. Version 1

On the road; how nice to meet you. Version 1

Work in Progress

A few pictures of new paintings, i am working on, having managed to squeeze in a bit of time over the past week to pick up painting in my kitchen studio.. . Strong evening light yesterday made for some dramatic compositions!