I have been a practising artist for more than 30 years. I come from a fine art and film making background, initially focused on painting.

In the 80’s and 90’s I exhibited work with the support of Wolfson College, Oxford University, and Milton Keynes Arts Trust and took part in several open studio exhibitions. Later I used photographic collage, and then moved into film-making in the 2000’s. I have made short films (both narrative and experimental). My work was presented by the British Council and funded by Southern Arts. I worked for over 20 years in the film industry in education and training.

I returned to 2d painting in 2013.

I currently work almost exclusively with digital painting which began around 2016. I often start by drawing from life. I work using mobile and desktop tablets working from memory with the aid of drawings made on the spot or photographs that are used as an aid, (but never worked from directly).

I work the image up in layers, exploiting transparency, using collage, chance and erasure to build up the picture. This way i can recompose a landscape from my imagination, making a stylised ‘abstracted’ image. My practise has also recently included mixing gestural mark making and photographs and working with text (this including using fragments of poetry and references to music).

October 2019